Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Low Moisture Encapsulation System

The beauty and life of your carpet depend on the care it receives. Proper maintenance will keep your carpet looking great for its full lifetime, help improve your indoor air quality, and keep your carpet warranties intact. ASG Facility Maintenance lets you stay focused on running your business, not cleaning your carpet.

Our maintenance programs are designed specific to each facility’s needs, to prolong the life of the carpet, while minimizing the overall cost of maintenance. Our system is composed of the following four-steps: preventative maintenance, daily maintenance, interim maintenance, and extraction maintenance.

Preventative Maintenance

This step is the least costly yet most effective means to protect a carpet’s appearance. Since 80% of soil is tracked-in on the shoes of building visitors and occupants, the goal is reducing the amount of soil that contacts the carpet. Preventative maintenance limits accumulation of dirt and grime that sinks deep into the carpet’s fibers. Therefore, we recommend the use of protective mats, including walk-off mats in high traffic areas to assist in removing grease, oil, and dirt from shoes prior to tracking it in.

Daily Maintenance

Frequent vacuuming of high traffic areas, stain and spot removal, and high-filtration vacuum systems are part of our daily maintenance program. This process removes roughly 80-90% of all soil accumulation and controls the spread of dust and allergens into the air. The goal of daily maintenance is to keep the carpet clean and maintain a consistent appearance level.

Interim Maintenance

For this step ASG uses a Low-Moisture Encapsulation System which removes grimy residues trapped beneath the carpet fibers by lifting and agitating the pile using counter-rotating brushes. This Interim process uses 99% less water than extraction, so occupants can walk on the carpet a short time after cleaning. Also, with these quick drying times and quiet equipment, service can be performed during regular workday hours, eliminating employee overtime pay. They’re also an ideal option for facilities open around the clock, like airports, hospitals, hotels, and casinos.

This Interim Maintenance process is a scheduled treatment that reduces the need for water extraction. We have discovered that the most effective and safest way to maintain incredible carpet appearance is with low moisture encapsulation interim cleaning. After cleaning, there will be little to no wicking, and carpeting often looks better than it would after hot water extraction.

Extraction Maintenance

The water extraction process injects water into the carpet through spray jets. This water is then immediately recovered through a vacuum orifice. The effect of this process can be compared to the rinse cycle of your washing machine. To facilitate this process, a strong detergent pre-spray is applied to the carpet prior to extraction, and some level of agitation to the carpet is normally applied.

Water extraction employs countless gallons of water during the cleaning process making it possible to flush a large quantity of soil from the carpet. For this reason, it is recommended to supplement a low-moisture encapsulation system with periodic water extraction. It is commonly seen that the need for water extraction cleaning can be greatly reduced when a good program of encapsulation cleaning is being performed.