Stadium, Arena, and Recreation Center Cleaning Services

Clean stadium seating

Keep the Spotlight on the Main Event with ASG Facility Maintenance at Your Service

No matter the size of the special event arena or stadium we will go above and beyond to maintain your facility’s appearance and health. The patrons of sporting events and fans of all types of sports can rest assured that your stadium and arena is spotless before the main event even enters the building. ASG Facility Maintenance offers exceptional janitorial cleaning services to an array of sports stadiums, movie theaters, concert halls and the like. We are the industry leader in cleaning and disinfecting; specializing in high traffic spaces and bustling venues.

With flexible schedules and cleaning programs available, we will work day and overnight to get your facility back to optimum performance. We want you to have the tools at your fingertips to control the flow of the cleaning needs of your property. We provide this by utilizing real-time technology which allows you to continually keep up with work requests, emergency needs, and scheduling of our cleaning services professionals. Before, during and after our cleaning services, you will have full access to control the tempo of your program. An emergency clean up is just a few clicks away from completion.

ASG Facility Maintenance adheres to EPA and CDC guidelines and regulation for all of our cleaning services. Our sanitation experts have the proper training in cleaning and disinfecting, keeping every environment safe. We understand no two facilities have the same needs and make sure we carefully take into consideration the handling and disposal of toxic, flammable, and other hazardous materials when discussing your cleaning plan.

Getting Ready for Game Day with ASG Facility Maintenance

ASG Facility Maintenance hires professionally trained janitorial experts with extensive backgrounds in the skills and experience required to get your facility ready for game day. Our advanced technology and equipment facilitates our ability to clean all size arenas and stadiums quickly. We thoughtfully design a unique janitorial cleaning program for your stadium and arena to work around all of the events and games that are on schedule or last minute. You only have to worry about filling seats and watching the game when you hire us.

Theater & Concert Venue Cleaning

Keep the music going without skipping a beat with ASG Facility Maintenance cleaning services. We have experience professionally cleaning concert halls, amphitheaters, and small music venues, so you can rest assured your venue is shining bright for all performances. Concert venues and theaters have unique cleaning needs that require a specialized cleaning team, especially after a sold out show. Packed crowds in theaters and concert halls bring a lot of energy during the show and cleanup after. Keep your fans happy and focused on stage not on a mess. ASG Facility Maintenance has high standards and guarantees consistent results.

We create an individualized cleaning plan that includes any of the following services:

  • Trash removal and recycling management
  • Seat disinfecting and cleaning
  • Mess and spill response
  • Restroom sanitation and resupply
  • Bleacher and stands cleaning
  • Outdoor food court cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning program and entry mat cleaning
  • Parking lot and sidewalk pressure washing
  • Ground floor Interior/ Exterior Window cleaning
  • Mopping and floor cleaning
  • Detailed escalator and elevator cleaning
  • Concrete cleaning and sealing
  • Event setup and clean-up
  • Common area cleaning
  • Restroom cleaning and restocking
  • Escalator disinfecting
  • Daily Janitorial Services (am/ pm services)
  • Handyman Services
  • Deep Cleaning & Disinfection Services
  • Periodic Cleaning (frequency-based)
  • Floor Care Maintenance Programs
    • VCT Vinyl Composite Floors
    • Marble
    • Granite
    • Tile
    • Terrazzo
    • Ceramic
    • Concrete
  • Ground Floor Window Washing
  • Exterior Pressure Washing
  • Parking Lot Cleaning
  • Special Project Cleaning
  • 24/7 Emergency Services

Take Back the Stage with help from ASG Facility Maintenance Cleaning Services

We take the time to learn about your facility and understand its specific requirements so we can thoughtfully design a cleaning and disinfecting program that best suits your packed venue. We provide professional cleaning technicians with industry-specific knowledge that will deliver exceptional results. We offer daily, weekly and monthly services with flexible schedules, tailored to your venue’s event schedule. We clean around your sports arena, concert hall, stadium, or recreation centers operating hours to guarantee we will not disrupt your fans or the event.

Sports Stadiums, Recreation Centers, and Arenas

Sport facilities need a large crew to clean and maintain an arena for sporting events or concerts. Whether you need cleaning services for a 50,000-seat stadium, a 500-seat arena, or a small recreational sports facility or theater, your reliable ASG Facility Maintenance crew has you covered. ASG Facility Maintenance has janitorial specialists with extensive experience and skills, and we use advanced equipment to clean stadiums and arenas of all sizes. As a commercial cleaning company that provides carpet and floor cleaning services to major facilities, we understand that cleaning stadiums and arenas is a big job. These everyday janitorial services include ASGFM’s high standard of cleaning, waste removal, and well-stocked facilities. In a sports stadium we can take care of all window cleaning, pressure washing of exterior components, seating and suites, and even provide bird deterrent applications. Comprehensive maintenance packages are available covering everything for your unique indoor/outdoor venue- keeping it looking beautiful and clean all year round! Rain or shine, ASG Facility Maintenance is your reliable stadium, arena, and recreation center cleaning company. Put your fans first for the perfect sports and entertainment experiences. Hire ASG Facility Maintenance to exceed the expectations of your guests. Contact your professional stadium cleaning company today!