Gym & Fitness Center Cleaning Services

Make Sure Everyone Has a Clean, Healthy Experience in your Fitness Center.

Everyone knows how important a good first impression is. If your facility looks dirty, then your guests are going to notice. Your facility needs to look clean at all times.

ASG Facility Maintenance provides a full range of janitorial services that helps you maintain a clean and safe environment for your members and guests. Our professionally trained team ensures your fitness center is always clean and welcoming. We keep your members happy while providing a great first impression for new guests.

Eliminate Contaminated Surfaces

Gyms are places where people exercise regularly. Unfortunately, wherever people come and go, germs are left behind. People expect a clean and healthy environment when working out at your facility. Gym equipment is supposed to help you stay fit and healthy, not make you sick.

Bacteria thrive in a sweaty gym environment and will live on your equipment for weeks. Bacteria hide in the different parts of exercise machines because they provide a safe place to grow. If you don’t regularly clean your equipment, it becomes a breeding ground for germs.

While most people know to use disinfectant sprayers and wipes to sanitize cardio equipment and weight machines, they miss some of the other high-touch surfaces in a fitness center. Barbells, dumbbells, and pilates balls are some of the most commonly neglected.

Since many infectious diseases spread through touch, we train our janitorial staff to clean and disinfect all your high-touch surfaces, plus high-traffic areas like floors, bathrooms, counters, and locker rooms.

Fitness Center Cleaning Services

Gym owners and managers should always be on top of the cleaning duties because it’s too easy for germs to spread when they aren’t. Gym equipment needs to be cleaned and disinfected to help prevent the spread of the germs and bacteria left behind after use.

ASG Facility Maintenance has extensive experience cleaning all the different types of health and wellness centers and understands their unique requirements. We help you protect your guests, members, and staff. Our fitness center and gym cleaning service will keep your facility looking its best.

The new standard of cleaning includes both disinfection and protection. We use only the best disinfectants and industry best practices to keep everyone healthy and safe.

Offices, schools, retail locations, government buildings, and financial institutions all trust us to keep their spaces clean and healthy. We continually assess custom cleaning, disinfecting, and protection needs for many types of businesses across the country, including national gym and fitness centers.

We work around your schedules, so your members won’t miss a workout.

As a Fitness Center Manager, you handle countless duties. You maintain high cleanliness standards throughout your fitness center. You encourage gym members to wipe down all gym equipment after each use. But you can only do so much.

ASG FM cleaning services provide a fresh smell, a healthy environment, and a welcoming feeling for your guests. Services we provide include carpet cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, ground floor window cleaning, pressure washing, and janitorial services.

Our experienced team will ensure your facility looks its best while providing a safe and comfortable environment for your guests. Our ASG Facility Maintenance team will clean your fitness center daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or on a custom schedule. We are also available 24/7.

Fitness center and gym cleaning includes 

  • thorough cleaning of the lobby, reception area, gym facilities, pool area, change rooms, showers, and restrooms
  • disinfection of free weights, exercise equipment, and other high-touch surfaces
  • carpet cleaning and preventive maintenance
  • floor cleaning and maintenance